Unity found through Intentionality

IMG_3410I was glad when they said to me, let us go to the house of the Lord. Gathering together in Christ’s name to worship, learn, and fellowship is a privilege for many in this world.

Here in America, we have been afforded this opportunity, we have this choice, we have this freedom and liberty to gather together as Christians, yet many fail to participate in this privilege to be together in the name of Christ, whether in a Faith Fellowship or in an institutional church.

The bible writes, how great it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity, yet in order for unity to form within any fellowship, it takes nurturing relationships and this takes spending time together beyond one day a week.

The Christian life is relational. Entering into union with Christ, centering our lives in and with Him, and allowing His Holy Spirit to reign in our hearts to do the transforming work necessary for us to be built up for service, takes intentionality.

Out of our hearts flows this river of Love from His presence residing in the deepest core of our souls. This Love is what will transform lives and is the element that will change the world.

Unity and Love do not happen in a fellowship or in the body of Christ in a vacuum. It must be purposed and acted upon by the active interaction in other people’s lives through connecting by phone, in person, through notes, letters, cards, and in welcomed invites into our homes.

Many Faith people speak of this love and unity, but fail to understand how to practically make this a reality and this does take effort and planning on the part of leadership, along with the believers taking an active role in nurturing body life. Leadership models the fullness of Christ in teaching, instructing, equipping and Being Present with the believers, so that the people in their midst will know what this looks like.

When leadership fails to recognize their responsibility in this, the fellowship will falter in being able to fulfill the great commission the Father has called us to accomplish. The body will not be a body as they will not understand their need to work together as purposed in Christ, and they will not enter into the Fullness of Christ’s intentions for them in their community or in their participation in the greater body of believers.

This Love and making the necessary connections with one another to build community is an action that becomes spurred into acts of compassionate care when we allow Christ to be ALL in every area of our lives, not just the convenient ones.  Learning to share our lives intimately with those in our own fellowship as a priority is a necessary component of experiencing body life, and the growing in spiritual maturity that is a result of becoming one through a unified Christ vision, along with prayer support and the encouragement found with brothers and sisters, will be what is manifested in the body, and shown to the outer world.

Growing into spiritually mature Christians is required in order for us to properly fulfill our God-given Destiny in Christ. We have a mission to accomplish in Him. Let us be busy in actively participating in the work the Father has given us to do and do so with integrity, honesty, sincerity, passion, humbleness, wisdom, and in bearing the fruits of the Spirit.

We have been chosen, set apart, and put on this earth for a purpose other than aimlessly meandering through life. When we give ourselves to Christ and allow Him unlimited access in our hearts, we become New Creations, and are to put away our old ways of being, seeking His Kingdom, living in His Righteousness, clothing ourselves inside and out with His Ways and His Values, of which Love is the greatest fruit to bear in our hearts.

We then no longer seek to satisfy our own selfish desires or want to hold onto our own ideals, but we exchange them for a higher calling on our lives, to be ALL of whom we were called and chosen to be in Christ.

We learn the art of daily surrendering to Holy Spirit of our wants, our desires, our understanding, our knowledge, and our entire selves to Him.  This becomes a dailyl necessity in allowing Christ room to move and act in continually forming us into Christ likeness, His image, clothing ourselves in His Attributes, in the deepest core of our beings.

Who are we presenting to the world? Whom are we serving in this world? What are we giving ourselves to in this world? What are we striving for in this world? Who or what is the object of our daily focus?  Who or what takes priority in our lives?

We all need acceptance, we all need encouragement, we all need understanding, we all need to feel wanted, and we can do so when we fully give our hearts to the Christ who is becomes our center that everything else revolves around. In this Union with Christ, we discover His Love is a Pure, and unadulterated Love. We are able to manifest this same Love when we allow Him room in our hearts to be this Love, in and through us to all of whom we encounter.   This becomes possible by Fulling dwelling and abiding in the Holy Spirit.

It is not by might, nor by power, nor by our own design that we live Kingdom values and a Holy life, it is by His Spirit residing and reining, taking preeminence within every area of our inner beings.

When we learn as brothers and sisters to develop this unity, sincerely loving one another, God’s Power will be manifested in supernatural ways in our midst, but also in the outer lying community that we are in service to.   Then we will see the signs, wonders and miracles the bible speaks of being a natural result of our binding together in one accord, having an agreed vision, being unified in a purposed mission, in order to fulfill the great commission we are all called to accomplish.

We have been commissioned To go forth into All the world, preaching the gospel of Truth, making disciples, and Loving and Serving the Lord our God with All our Hearts, All our Minds, All our Souls, and All our Strengths, and our Neighbors as Ourselves.

The joy, contentment, peace, and calm that He provides when we seek Him in All we do, passes understanding or explanation, but it is experimentally known by All who have given their lives over to Him, and by All who have centered themselves in living in total surrender to this lifestyle of Faith.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister




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