We are His Instruments that Create Harmonious Music when we Become as One


The state of the church today is like a sinking ship having members who fail in having the same vision, so they make disharmony in the fellowship instead of harmonizing.

What is supposed to happen is that each person uses their own gifts, learning to step into their God-given roles, in working together towards the common mission, so that the body functions in the order God has ordained to accomplish those works He has called them to complete in Him.

It is when leaders and their team refuse to learn that it is God who must speak vision into their hearts and not themselves, that the work the Father ordained, will not be carried out or blessed due to the disunity of the members.  Leaders who fail to realize all members on the team need to align themselves in this unified vision will grieve the Holy Spirit and hinder the work the Father desires to carry out within that particular fellowship of believers.

Leaders must come to the place they not only realize, but understand, it is they who must carry out this vision God gives, Empowered in the Holy Spirit, and it is they who must discern those people in their midst who are willing to also align with this Godly vision. It will be then the Powerful Manifestation of God’s blessing will be visible in this work.

Leaders must also be aware it is their responsibility to adequately and properly, teach, instruct, and equip the body of believers under their charge, to take on the different roles necessary in participating in this vision.

Man’s vision does not bear fruit or increase in the Kingdom. Man’s vision brings death. Man’s vision limits. Man’s vision limits God’s Calling, God’s Purposes and God’s Intentions. Man’s vision allows persons within a fellowship to remain stubborn, harboring hardened hearts, selfish, and the attitudes in their hearts towards gossip tearing down, rejecting, and slaying others by words, will be what is manifested, instead of the open Love of God being shown within a fellowship, where others feel warmly welcomed and invited to participate in their community of believers.

When a man or body put themselves first, Christ cannot enter into the work, for He remains shut out. Pride will be the downfall of any ministry for they will shut out the Holy Spirit who is the one who draws men’s hearts and does the transforming work necessary to bring about Godly change.

Man’s vision allows people within a fellowship to maintain doing things as usual, therefore stunting any church growth. Man’s vision holds God’s vision in prison. Man’s vision brings bondage. Man’s vision limits all of what God desires to accomplish in and through a body of believers.  Man’s vision brings strife, hatred, rejection, and does great harm and damage to the believers.

It is only in pursuing God’s vision that fruit will come forth. It is only in working together in unity, towards God’s Kingdom desires that people will come. It is only by allowing Christ to shine in and through us that others will be drawn to Him.  It is when the Body lives in this unity and love of Christ, they can live in unity with one another.

It is in having an experiential understanding of God’s call towards living in the community as a body of believers, joining in a Holy union with the Father, and joining into life with one another, in praying, supporting, encouraging, lifting up, edifying, singing spiritual psalms, reading scriptures, and gathering together in seeking Christ and all of who He is, and letting go of all our man-made designs, where He will Manifest All of who He is in and through this body.

It will be when the members of a body walk in Obedience to Him, clothing themselves with His Righteousness and Holiness, that He will Be in and with them and do great works through their service.

It is only in and by His Love that others will Know Him. It is only when this Love, pure and unadulterated is manifested within a community of believers, that Christ will be known.  This requires the dying of self, the putting to death of any competitive spirit, the putting away of one’s own agenda, and fully cooperating with The Holy Spirit in accomplishing those tasks necessary in carrying out God’s Holy and Redemptive work.

The Christian lifestyle is all about Christ and not a person’s agenda. When we fully submit as a people, as a body, and truly understand how we build and maintain this Love and unity, putting into practice Godly Principles, Christ will manifest Himself in Powerful ways, with signs, wonders, and miracles occurring in people’s lives, and in the lives of those they minister in the outer lying community.   These signs come so that others will believe in Christ and be drawn into His Heavenly Realm, being reconciled spiritually to the Father.

When we become God Hearts of Love, in actions, words, deeds, behaviors, and our inner attitudes manifest His Love, He will pour out the rivers of life into a fellowship, which will overflow into the wider community, where His mission can be accomplished.

We must become the spiritual beings united in Christ to exemplify His life to all we encounter as this is the great commission we are called to go forth and purposed to accomplish in His Power.  When Christ takes preeminence in every area of our lives, and He becomes our Everything and our very reason for existence, then He will Be visible in our midst, and we will Be His Holy Priesthood, His Bride.

We must let go of selfish man made ways of being. We must let go of being a closed group, a clique. We must let go of walling off others from entering our fellowship.  We must let go of ourselves.  We must nail our ways to the cross and adopt Christ Like manners in all we do, and in all of who we are becoming.

We must learn to Let Go of ALL that is Us, so that He is allowed to reside in our inner beings, to Be ALL in us!   When we Let Go of ourselves, we will then have the ability to walk in a Unified vision, and our gifts, along with the bearing of the fruits of the spirit will become a sweet fragrance of heavenly music sent up to God in a Heavenly aroma and others will Know He Lives!   When our gifts are used in the body for the Glorification of God, and our unity built through love is fully developed, the Kingdom Work will be a sweet harmonious melody lifted unto the Lord, as each person plays their role in this beautiful symphony orchestrated and designed by our Father in Heaven.  He will be well pleased with our Holy participation with Him as a unified people.

The distinguished tunes and sounds we make unto the Lord in our service will be unequaled in the Kingdom, for we will BE TRUE Christ Bearers to All we meet.  Angels will tremble in hearing our songs of worship lifted with grateful voices as He has given us to one another in the body to make musical melodies with one another by sharing our lives with one another.

It is when we let go of what we want, and learn to make this sweet music by living in a unified vision, synchronizing a community harmony towards the place of accepting what Christ wants, He will have the freedom and liberty to Be in us as a body, and it will be then, He will be loosed in our midst to accomplish those works He has prepared ahead of time for us to complete in and by His Spirit.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister
Creative Commons License
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