Living in the Center of the Father’s Will

IMG_1706“The grass withers, the flower fades, But the word of our God stands forever”. (Isaiah 40:8)   Christ is the Living Word resurrected in us who Know He Lives!

When God leads us in new directions, our only response needs to be ‘Yes Lord’. He will Fully equip, providing for all our needs as He does not take us somewhere He has not already planned to care for us.

Trusting in Him is the only way as it is the best way as He has the best plans for us when we give ourselves to Him in service. It is our Holy priviledge to follow Christ in the narrow path. We look not to the left or the right, nor do we allow distractions to defocus us from the mission He has called us to accomplish in and through His Holy Spirit of Empowerment!  The cost is insignificant as He richly rewards His followers with Himself and what more could we desire than to be filled with Him.

I choose Christ! I choose Faith! I choose Life! I choose to pray! I choose to surrender! I choose to worship! I choose Christ when everything around me says give up! I choose to Trust in Him, no matter what circumstance I find myself in! I choose to believe He is good as He always comes through, remaining true to All His Promises!

His Grace is sufficient, no matter what happens in this life, for He has shown me this in all the trials and struggles I have walked with Him in. The only place I desire to be is living in the center of the Father’s Will for me.

What more could we desire than to sit at His feet, calmed by His Presence, and touching the hem of His Holiness? What more could we desire than to worship Him from the deepest regions of our inner souls? What more could we desire than to be near Him, to walk in union with Him, to Know Him intimately, longing to be with Him each day? What more could we, His Bride, desire in our lives, but to be filled with His Love, walking in His Compassion towards others, and Speaking His Truth into lives so that they may Know the author of life?

To Know God’s Mercy touches us in places we open to Him is an unexplainable realization of His Tender Love towards us, but this is a Love we can fully experience.

It is He who fills me with a song of joy in my Spirit. It is He who fills me with His consuming Fire of Holy Spirit that burns within me. It is He who fills me with Himself. It is He who fills me with His goodness. It is He who has fully forgiven, and there is no debt to pay, for He has paid it all through His death on the cross.

There are days I feel as if I will burst from the inside out as His Glory fills my soul, springing forth in fresh flowing rejuvenating rivers of living waters that spring forth in ever increasing measures from my heart, as He is the fullness of life in me! He is the Reason I live!

There is therefore No Condemnation in Christ Jesus. We walk in the Liberty He gives. We walk in the Light of His Grace. We walk in Him, who sustains us in every level of our being.

I thank Him for the miracle of Christ who made me a child of the King! I thank Him for reaching into my life, not leaving me to my own devices, and filling me with New Life that is both Abundant and Free! I thank Him for cutting the chains of bondage from me to no longer fear, but to walk in the Confidence He gives.

What a God we serve, who in His everlasting Love and Mercy towards us, gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to become a human man, who gave His life, dying on the cross, to make a way for us to be reconciled and to be in Union with Father God.

Jesus said; “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, No man comes to the Father but through me.”

I say to those who do not know this Love, to ask Jesus to show Himself to you today. For in Knowing Him, you will have Life, Real Life, and to Know the steadiness of lasting peace girding you up in the midst of any situation to walk in Him, is more precious than anything anyone could ever ask or request from Him.

We who know Him live by the Resurrected Power of Christ who resides in us, giving us ability that takes us beyond our human capabilities, Empowering us in Spiritually Supernatural means, to Be Present in Him, and for others, to Be all of whom He has designed us to Be, walking in His Fullness!

We have been given authority in His name to Rise up in Him, walking in the Holy Fire that burns within us, speaking His Truth and Love to all we encounter. We are the walking Gospel come to life speaking Life into dry bones, giving the spirit to those walking this earth as dead trees. It is His Spirit within us that sparks life into others through us sharing ours with them.

They will Know we are His disciples by our Love for one another! They will Know we are different by our Fruits! They will Know He lives by our testimonies!

My heart beats with expectations, for who knows the plans God has for us? Who can Know the depth, the width, the breath of His Compassionate Love towards us?

We have come to expect the unexpected in Him!

We only Know in part, but when we are ushered into our eternal home in the Heavenly Realms, we will Know Him in All His Fullness, All His Glory, All His Majesty.  Oh, What a Day that will be when our Jesus we will see!


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister



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