When it seems God does not answer prayers

IMG_1745Sometimes, when God does not answer our prayers, it is not in His timing, we are not ready or at a place to receive, or the request we are seeking is not His Will for us. Remaining Faithful to Him during these times, especially during the times He says ‘No’, builds our spiritual character as we willingly allow His Spirit to do the Transforming work necessary within our human hearts.

We also learn about walking in Faith, maturing and growing in our ability to Trust in His good will for our lives, as He provides His Grace sustaining us through All Times. We continue moving forward doing those things We Know are His Will for us; reading scriptures, worshiping Him, interceding in pray, having an attitude of prayer throughout our days, and centering our lives in pursuing Holiness.

We as His children learn to walk by Faith and not by Sight, for He works in the unseen realm, where often results are not visible.  Therefore, we continue in the paths that lead to His Righteousness, not wavering, nor being hindered by all manners of obstacles, but setting our focus on Him, on the prize of the high calling, on the race set before us, to attain in filling ourselves in a Holy Union in Christ.

Our Trust grows through these times of waiting, or uncertainty in direction, and as we look back through our journey remembering the mountains He has moved in our lives, the valleys He has walked through with us, and the monuments we have built as a tribute to His work in our lives, we know our hearts can fully Trust in Him to give full provision, answering our prayers, as He encourages us to continue on the path forward.

Each time, and in each season of difficulty, during the waiting on Him, it is He that carefully takes us deeper, sifting through our fleshly layers of habits changing us more and more into His likeness.   In each season, we continually press on, digging into Him, seeking with our whole hearts the things of a spiritual nature that can give us sustenance.

As we develop, practicing spiritual habits in living a disciplined life in Faith, we learn this process is a life long journey in becoming more like Him, our true model of servant hood, and we can anticipate the time we join with Him in Glory for all Eternity!


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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