Suicide devastates the survivors

IMG_1892Suicide is devastating to the survivors and the ones taking their lives often see no way out, no solutions, and no avenues to move forward in their lives.

Aside from posting this number for support for Veterans, let us be vehicles of Humanity, reaching out to others, showing Love, Compassion, Understanding, Patience, Empathy, in allowing others to express themselves and not putting shackles on them in how this is done (of course not tolerating abuse or violence). We need to Allow others a place of safety, respecting their space, honoring their personhood, and giving to them the sacredness as a fellow human being suffering, giving your full attention.

Pat answers, clichés, scriptures, black and white statements do not help when someone is struggling with PTSD. Life is a process, so allow others to enter into their process as a separate and different unique person than who we are. Answers given quickly can do great damage. Let us be considerate, thoughtful, and weigh our words, along with our tone and response.

Let us allow others space to be where they can open up in a trusted relationship in connecting and bonding with another.

Many suffer in silence due to trying to talk and not being heard or listened to. Some suffer alone due to shame, due to stigma, due to not having a trusted person, due to rejection and blanket answers that fail to address their struggle.

Remember that Trust is earned and is not automatic. Trust needs to be valued and not abused in relationships. People go through vulnerable times and we never know whose life we can touch with ours in unselfish ways. We need to be careful with people who have been traumatized, no matter where it came from.

Most of all, in relational struggles, PTSD takes time. Those who have endured trauma need time to process feelings, emotions, and to reconcile their lives to the result of how this trauma (s) have impacted them on every level of their lives.

If you are not a professional, and do not understand the psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical manifestations of traumas impact, don’t step where you are not skilled or try to address someone from a lofty level of superiority with some black and white statement. Life is grey and people live in the flux of it. The worst thing one can do is try to address trauma from an uninformed point of view.

Trauma affects a person on every level of their being, so don’t think you can address it with some platitude or quickly. Trauma also involves grieving, mourning as it is a deep loss on many levels. Refer to a professional and be present with them in the meantime be patient, loving, compassionate, understanding and attentive.

This is to spread awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how prevalent it exist among our veterans that the facts are, We lose 22 Veterans a day to PTSD.

More needs to be done to help Veterans in need.
Suicide hotline number call: 1-800-273-8255   Available 24 hours everyday.
Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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