What Marks a True Christian?

IMG_1745Christianity is based on a lifestyle that is centered in a union with The Christ. People who call themselves Disciples of Christ pursue those things of a spiritual nature that will assist them in growing and maturing in their Faith life.

The foundational elements we use in following Christ are being continually and daily filled with the Holy Spirit, daily meditating/reading in the scriptures, praying, interceding, fellowshipping with other believers, and worshiping.

We as Christians lift Christ up above any other person, teaching, or ‘church.’ It is He that sustains us in every moment and it is His Life residing in and through us that gives us abundant Life. It is His voice we adhere to, not any man made doctrine and we discern those who speak Truth by Holy Spirit’s Wisdom.

Not everything taught or said by Christians/Pastors/Leaders is of God or of His Spirit. We can be mislead, spiritually blind, or deceived into following after false teachers. The bible is very clear about this danger.

We need to be so in tune with The Holy Spirit, that we will be sensitive in Knowing when a teaching is off, or something is not right about it. We do not serve sentimentality or sympathy.

We serve The Christ and we who seek Him above All will seek to listen to those teachings that are spirit led, spirit directed and spirit guided.

We need to be discerning in these days as deception can happen to any of us and in relying on the wisdom from God, we can Know what is or is not of Him. We need to ask for God to remove spiritual blindness from our own eyes, so we are seeing, hearing, and responding with His Spirit, and not our own flesh.

There is nothing I can do apart from the Life of Christ living in and through me. It is His Compassion in me. It is His Love in me. It is His Redeeming Grace in me. It is His Word in me. It is His Spirit in me. It is He residing in me that I can be anyone at all, and only by His Saving Grace do I live.

When we hear a message or teaching that is not of God, from any Pastor, leader, church or Christian we can bring up the issue the person and see if there can be a dialogue concerning it. A true disciple will be open and not threatened by any concern one might have, and willing to discuss it with you.

If they are dismissive, or talk above you, and seem to disregard your approaching them about the topic, then bring 1-2 other members with you to address it with the person. If they do not seem willing to accept they are not teaching from the Spirit, you can may choose to leave this place, as no one is required to submit to false teachers.

We must in all responses, learn to pray for one another. In responding with prayer whether leaving or remaining, We can pray for that person, that God reveals to their hearts the Truth. We can pray for God’s Spirit to be the Fullness within the person. We can pray God leads them, directs them, and gives to them Godly Wisdom in which to be discerning. We can pray God removes the spiritual blindness of the enemy from them. We can pray for them to have a spiritual revelation of God’s truth. We can pray God restores them to a Holy union with Him.

Seek God and ask Him to direct you to Real Christians if you find yourself among those not speaking Truth, and there is no discourse towards resolving any of the issues you find in a fellowship.

Real Christians will Love you (in concrete ways), will support you, will encourage you, will have open conversations with you, will walk with you, will pray for you, will be a friend to you. Real Christians will not be afraid of having discussions about questions you are having about anything. Real Christians are not afraid if you tell them they have done wrong against you.

Real Christians will not shut you out by not returning your calls or answering your messages. Real Christians will make time for you. Real Christians will respond to you in a Compassionate Loving Way. A Real Christian is not afraid to apologize. A Real Christian is authentic – honest, transparent, truthful. A Real Christian will respond in a Loving, Gentle way.

A sign of a Real Christian is one who will let you know they are human, can make mistakes, can be wrong, but will seek to reconcile with you.

Lorraine Taylor  –  Lay Minister

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