Where are God’s Praying People?

IMG_1747We who are Christ’s are Not Ashamed of the Gospel. Neither should we feel shame or fear to Pray in Public for Others. There is a Power in prayer when doing so in sincere loving compassion for another. Prayer is God’s source of Power and Love!

If people can walk around using foul mouthed swear words, yelling at their children in public, screaming at each other, spewing violence into our streets, causing harm to others, murdering, then where are those Praying People?

Where is the Love of Christ being spread? Where are the peacemakers of God building bridges in our communities? Where are those who share the Good News of Christ Life?
So many needs surround us! So many people crying out for help! So many searching for answers! So many looking for something more! So many people walking around like dead trees! So many people with no direction! So many people having no one!

We are God’s People walking the streets! We have the HOPE OF CHRIST to offer all those hurting, lonely, lost, afraid, isolated, angry, addicted, ill, meandering their lives away.
We Are the HANDS of God! We are the FEET of God! We are the Mouths of God! We are God’s Merciful ones! We have been Redeemed for a Purpose, for a Mission, for a Reason. To touch ALL persons with HIS LOVE!

If we do not go, who will? If we do not tell of His Love for them, who will? If we do not show the way of Love, Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness, who will? If we do not show Compassion, who will? Who will touch stone hearts with GOD HEARTS, if not US?
One does not have to travel far to find opportunities to serve, sharing the Love of Christ.

All we have to do is look right in front of us, right where we are, as opportunities exist in our Now, wherever we place our feet. Some may be called to other countries, but if we are not, we serve right where God has planted us, and we become fruitful in this place as we grow into a spiritual maturity in Christ, becoming All of Whom He created us to become in Him.

Take a step in your now to pray for another, right where you are planted. Take a step Now and See them in the streets, right in your own neighborhood. Take a step Now and see the needs all around us, right where you place your feet.
Take a step NOW and Touch Another Life With YOURS, SHARING CHRIST IN ALL YOU DO!


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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