God calls His People Deeper

IMG_1782 We who are called the People of God, worship Him only and not man. We bow our hearts unto His desire, seeking to please Him only beyond our humanness. We become an offering to Him through our thoughts, in our inner most being, we give of ourselves, letting go of fleshly means, that He may be our Fullness!

He is the reason we wake each day. He is the Hope found throughout all the seasons in our lives. He gives purpose and intent to our walk. He Fulfills his vision in and through those of us, who hear and obey His leading, following His ways, aligning in the paths of His Holiness.

He is calling us deeper into His width, breath, and height of His Love, Mercy, and Grace that we might Know Him intimately. In honoring one another, we honor our God. In Loving one another in humble sincerity, we Love our God. In respecting others as ourselves, we our Respecting our God.

May we allow Him room to dwell in the secret places or our hearts, those places we hide in us, so that there is no reservation and there is no space where He is not allowed to enter. Let us open up All of our inner world for His Grace to reside. Let us not hold any area back from Him, for He sees it all and there is no place that can be kept hidden from our God.

In the giving of our attitudes, our thoughts, our behaviors, our humanness unto Him, He Fills us with Himself, with His Presence, beyond anything we can imagine or think.
We give Him the credit for what He is doing in and through us. We give Glory to Him for all He has provided us in this life. We give our highest Praise unto Our Lord God, for His Majesty and Holiness touches our lives.

We seek Him above anything else in this world, giving our worship to Him, and offering our bodies as living vessels unto our Lord God, for He is Worthy to receive All we can offer Him, as He Reigns Supreme in our hearts!

There is no God but He that is Righteous, that is True, that is Pure, and who pursues us with an everlasting Love, a Love that will remain for all time, until we are ushered into our eternal home, where we will become wholly united as one, dwelling with our Most High God Forever!




Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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