We come Lord, to Receive Mercy for Today

IMG_1127We come each day to receive Mercy from the Christ who first loved us, who never gave up on us, who pursued us with an everlasting Love. We come each day before His Throne, to be with Him, to commune in Him, to spend alone time with Him, as He showers us in an ever steady stream of His Glorious Presence.

We come each day to touch the hem of His Holy garments, thanking Him for His Grace upon our lives, for His Forgiveness towards us, and we enter into the realm where he Reigns in the deepest core of our being.

In our journey, we are becoming one with Him, united in a Spiritual Power that grants us Supernatural ability to walk in the midst of the most dire of circumstances in our own lives and in the lives of those we reach out to in the compassion and care of The Christ who resides in us.

We each have our story of How and when we made the decision to follow Jesus. Then we have the many stories along our journey in Faith of committing to follow Jesus, through thick and thin through the ups and downs, in the struggles and triumphs, how we have learned that it is He who Remains Faithful to us in all our days upon this earth.

Jesus asks one thing from us, to give Him our all, that He may in turn give us His All, filling us to overflowing with His Fullness. We long and hunger to be with Him, thirsting after the Holies of Holies, to be in Him, with Him, and to walk the narrow road by His Resurrected Power who is at work within us.

What more could we desire in this life than to receive from the one who is All Merciful. To give ourselves to the One who is All Loving and Gracious! To enter into His Majesty, where He resides as King of King and Lord of Lord, who became man, suffered and died on the cross, to make a way for us to be spiritually reconciled with our Father God.

We come to Him daily to receive new Filling from His Spirit, giving us wisdom, strength and discernment for our day. We come to Him to receive His Filling of Compassion and Love for the day. We come to Him to receive all that He has in store for us in our day.

We come to Him, grateful and thankful He is in our lives, and we remain open and willing to go where He leads, for where He plants us, we thrive, for where He places us, He equips, for where He desires us to be, He is there, in each step, in each moment, encouraging, guiding, directing and speaking to us in His way.

We serve a Living Lord, whose name is Jesus! We serve a Resurrected Lord, who is All Powerful, over All entities, and is Victorious over All forces!

We serve an All Compassionate, Caring, and Loving King, whose life flows from us, touching hearts of others, setting captives free, restoring lives, ministering Grace and Mercy to All as we allow Him out of our hearts!

Open our eyes Lord, we want to see Jesus today! Open our ears Lord, we want to hear You today! Open our Hearts Lord, we want to receive of you today.

Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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